Looking For An Honest Auto Body Shop?

Best Auto Body Shop Santa Rosa - Advance Tech Collision

Best Auto Body Shop Santa Rosa - Advance Tech Collision

Tips for Finding an Honest Auto Body Shop

Many drivers have stories about an auto body shop that didn’t quite meet their expectations- making them a little leery to use the same body shop again in the future. And when you are involved in an accident, it is important for your car repair needs to be met by a business whose work meets or even exceeds your standards and hopes. To ensure this happens, we asked professionals who know what they’re talking about how best to find such businesses so that after any necessary auto body work has been completed on our vehicles -we can go back with confidence knowing which shops provide honest service as well as excellent quality of care!

Always Get An Estimate From a Auto Body Shop

It’s always a good idea to get a written estimate from several Advance Tech Collision. All other factors being equal, one should avoid the ones that don’t provide these types of estimates in order to be safe. When getting an estimate for repairs asked about any potential costs that may not show up on your invoice but might appear once technicians start “breaking down” parts of the car’s exterior; then you’ll know what exactly is going into it beforehand without question or doubts.

The body shops and their technicians are usually certified by professional collision repair organizations like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and I-Car. That just means they have met I-Car standards, which can be reevaluated every few years with new requirements that meet industry needs. So as a consumer, look for those businesses who carry both ASE AND I-CAR certification labels proudly on display in your local area when shopping around to get estimates from multiple locations before making any financial decisions about auto repairs!

Collision repair shops can be confusing, so find a business with technicians that will take the time to patiently respond to any questions you might have. Some shop managers or owners will physically bring you into the repair bay and point out what they’ve found, along with repairs that need to be done in order to correct your problem. When a shop doesn’t take the time to address your concerns or let you see your vehicle once it’s underway repairing them leaves doubts on how well of an experience their customers are having behind closed doors.

A car is a big investment and you want to make sure the repairs are done right. Many shops don’t have the repair equipment or facilities for certain jobs, like fixing aluminum body panels or frame straightening so be careful about where you choose to go when your vehicle needs work. Look for a shop that isn’t afraid of referring customers who need more specialized services down the street if they feel it’s outside their expertise-otherwise look out! Other shops specialize in auto glass repairs, for example, and maintain reciprocal relationships with competitors across town so as not to leave any customer hanging; which means higher quality outcomes all around. That’s just smart business sense because after all, an honest mechanic can build trust over time by admitting its limitations

One of the best ways to determine a collision repair shop’s quality is through customer reviews and feedback. Customers can find this information by visiting online sites such as Better Business Bureau, American Automobile Association, Angie’s List, or Google Reviews. Word-of-mouth is another reliable way to gauge their reputation—good or bad. Instead of only relying on one source for your research, consult multiple sources before making a decision about which body shop you choose!

One thing to keep in mind is whether or not the auto body shop warranties their work. Better shops usually back their repair outcomes with a written warranty for a specified amount of time or miles after the work is completed as well as peace of mind when you drive away your newly restored car!

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